Security Architecture Review in Chicago

Your targeted analysis provides insights, recommendations, and threat management strategies directly related to breached peer organizations. Plus, our threat-based risk assessment system leverages previous diagnostics made available including; gap assessments, penetration tests, risk assessments, incident reports and compliance audits for a complete perspective of how to best advance your security posture.

Security Architecture Assessment & Attack Path Report

Understand your security landscape easily with a full report on findings of your current environment and how to make it better. Assess, analyze, and actions to secure your network before a cyber attack. Your architecture risk analysis and report offers an Executive Summary, Details of Findings, and Attack Path Modeling to give you the full picture.

Purple Chart Security Architecture Review

Industry Threat Index

The HALOCK Industry Threat Index (HIT), formerly known as the Foreseeable Industry Threat Index, analyzes breach data from the public domain, and from HALOCK’s incident response findings. The HIT Index provides an evidence-based approach for modeling threats and estimating their likelihood within individual industries. HIT can be used for threat-based risk assessment across any information security framework, including ISO 27000, NIST Special Publications and Cybersecurity Framework, PCI DSS, and CIS Controls.

HALOCK is headquartered in Schaumburg, IL, in the Chicago area and advises clients on reasonable security programs throughout the US.

HALOCK Breach Bulletins
Read HALOCK overviews and analyses about recent data breaches to understand what are common threats and attacks that may impact your organization – featuring description, indicators of compromise (IoC), containment, and prevention.

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