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We Need a Risk Management Tipping Point

While preparing for a keynote talk at CAMP IT that is rapidly coming up I was struggling to find the main point of my talk. I had been puzzling for several weeks, asking myself what single message I wanted to leave my audience with. I’ve been speaking for some time now about information security and […]

4 Tips for Hiring the Best Information Security Talent

“How can we recruit and interview candidates, all of which state they are interested on the phone, yet astonishingly, call to cancel the face-to-face interview before it takes place? One by one, they explain that they have accepted another position. What is it with these information security people?! I have never seen anything like it.”

Current State of Cloud Based Security

At HALOCK®, we recognize there’s a tremendous amount of concern surrounding cloud-based security. Most of the concern is focused around the risk of moving assets to the cloud and that worry has slowed down the adoption of virtualized infrastructure. It has been a challenge to find solid data surrounding cloud security risks. So when one […]

How Business Pushes Information Security Compliance

The United States is an exceptional country in many ways, not least of which is that we don’t like doing what governments tell us to do. It’s in our moral fiber to rebel. One telling example of this was expressed in a historical article comparing US railroads to European railroads in the nineteenth century. What […]