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Cleverly Disguised Ransomware Infecting Chrome Users

Cleverly Disguised Ransomware Infecting Chrome Users. A new variant of ransomware is spreading via poorly secured websites and the Chrome Web Browser. Users are fooled into downloading what they think is a missing font pack in order to resolve the error. This attack technique is not uncommon, and has been recently reported delivering click-fraud malware, […]

How to Secure Your Assets from Cyber Sewage

There I was, ankle deep in raw sewage, incredulous that for the second time this summer, my basement was filling up with foul smelling murky waste. As I looked hopelessly at my wife while the water level continued to rise, I angrily thought to myself, “What else can I do?” Didn’t I shell out some […]

HALOCK INVESTIGATES: Network Chatter from China

Network Chatter from China Imagine one hundred container ships full of the most valuable U.S. assets heading to China every day. Diamonds, gold, oil, John Deere Tractors, priceless artwork, Chevy Corvettes, life-saving artificial hearts, books from our historic libraries, soybeans, the latest Intel® processors, Redwood trees, the genuine Constitution of the United States of America, […]

Current State of Cloud Based Security

At HALOCK®, we recognize there’s a tremendous amount of concern surrounding cloud-based security. Most of the concern is focused around the risk of moving assets to the cloud and that worry has slowed down the adoption of virtualized infrastructure. It has been a challenge to find solid data surrounding cloud security risks. So when one […]