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How Prepared Are You for a Cyber Security Incident?

In the past decade we have seen companies defined by how their leadership responded to a cyber security incident.  The most prominent incident is a data breach, which is becoming a too common occurrence, involving billions of people.


Information security professionals are often concerned about attacks coming from outside the organization – such as remote hackers. However, more than half of these attacks1 come from inside the organization. Information security professionals along with non-IT staff need to be trained to recognize the traits and behaviors of organization insiders who pose a serious cyber […]

In the Wake of Backdoor.Regin: Accounting for the State Sponsored Threat

Recently the Symantec Corporation uncovered a highly sophisticated, modular piece of malware that has been infecting computers in a variety of countries as far back as 2008 – Backdoor.regin has characteristics beyond those of modern malware and is already generally accepted as a product of nation-state cyber espionage. The implant likely took considerable resources and […]