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A Summary of DBIR 2020 – Where the Data Breach World is Today and How to Prepare for IT

DBIR 2020The annual 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) was recently released and we would like to summarize some of the key trends found in the report. The Report takes a granular look at threat actors (bad guys) and the tactics they used to carry out the breaches and security incidents of the last year.

Why You Need to Take an Active Role in Your AWS Cloud Environment – One of the Largest Data Breaches

CLOUD ENVIRONMENT: The Capital One incident is one of the largest data breaches of all time, involving 100 million credit card applications and 140,000 Social Security numbers;  the bank’s stock market price took an immediate hit as company executives and IT personnel began scrambling to implement the firm’s incident response plan.

How Prepared Are You for a Cyber Security Incident?

In the past decade we have seen companies defined by how their leadership responded to a cyber security incident.  The most prominent incident is a data breach, which is becoming a too common occurrence, involving billions of people.

4 Important Steps to Take When Creating an Incident Response Plan

By Erik Leach, CISSP, SCFImagine coming home and finding your house broken into and some of your belongings missing.  As you totter from room to room, you would probably feel anger, frustrated, disturbed and a little overwhelmed.  At a vulnerable moment such as that, it probably would not be the best time to engage in […]

What are Smishing Attacks and why are they Increasing?

Two things are inherently true when it comes to cyber criminals.  The first is that they follow the money.  This is why ransomware grew to a billion dollar business overnight.  The second is that like water, their efforts flow towards the path of least resistance.  Cyber criminals are like many people, they go for the […]