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4 Important Steps to Take When Creating an Incident Response Plan

By Erik Leach, CISSP, SCFImagine coming home and finding your house broken into and some of your belongings missing.  As you totter from room to room, you would probably feel anger, frustrated, disturbed and a little overwhelmed.  At a vulnerable moment such as that, it probably would not be the best time to engage in […]

BEC Phishing is a Bigger Threat than Ransomware

BEC Phishing is a Bigger Threat than Ransomware. AUTHOR: Terry Kurzynski, CISSP, CISA, PCI QSA, ISO 27001 AUDITOR Ransomware stole a lot of headlines in 2016 as organizations across the world fell victim to it. From hospitals to city transit systems, the infectious malware invaded enterprises, encrypting files and generally wreaking havoc. For most of those afflicted, ransomware […]


By Erik Leach 2016 has proven to be a banner year for Ransomware.  The year kicked off with a series of ransomware attacks on a trio of hospitals including the well-publicized incident at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center which forced its IT staff to shut down the network while coerced administration officials agreed to pay a […]