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A Summary of DBIR 2020 – Where the Data Breach World is Today and How to Prepare for IT

DBIR 2020The annual 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) was recently released and we would like to summarize some of the key trends found in the report. The Report takes a granular look at threat actors (bad guys) and the tactics they used to carry out the breaches and security incidents of the last year.

Lessons in Risk Management: What We Should Learn from the FAA Fire

Author: Chris Cronin, ISO 27001 Auditor Too often in information security we focus on the confidentiality of personal information, ignoring the damage that can result from failures in integrity and availability. In fact, this is the main driver of much of our information security spending in the U.S. But the proper function of information and communications […]

As Part of Your Incident Response Plan, Make Sure There are Needles in Your Haystack

Incident Responders take a lot of pride in finding that ‘Needle in the Haystack’ when conducting data breach investigations. The thrill of forensics lies in finding the tiniest clue that unravels the story of how a breach occurred and what exactly was compromised as a result. But the reality is that during forensic investigations, there […]