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A Summary of DBIR 2020 – Where the Data Breach World is Today and How to Prepare for IT

DBIR 2020The annual 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) was recently released and we would like to summarize some of the key trends found in the report. The Report takes a granular look at threat actors (bad guys) and the tactics they used to carry out the breaches and security incidents of the last year.

Why You Need to Take an Active Role in Your AWS Cloud Environment – One of the Largest Data Breaches

CLOUD ENVIRONMENT: The Capital One incident is one of the largest data breaches of all time, involving 100 million credit card applications and 140,000 Social Security numbers;  the bank’s stock market price took an immediate hit as company executives and IT personnel began scrambling to implement the firm’s incident response plan.

Insufficient Vendor Reviews = Rampant Third-Party Breaches

According to a survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2018, 59 percent of companies have experienced a third-party breach of some type.  Despite the high prevalence of these incidents however, only 16 percent say they effectively mitigate third-party risks.

Why Breaches of Web-Facing Assets are on the Increase

Think of a hacker as an enemy attack submarine.  In warfare, a submarine lurks underwater, seeking victims.  It may be probing the defenses of a shipping harbor to find weaknesses that can be exploited.  Hackers perform a similar strategy today as they probe the web for internet-facing assets to find easy targets to breach and […]

Universities Remain a Rich Target for Hackers

Schaumburg, IL, April 9, 2014:  In 2013, HALOCK Security Labs noted information security vulnerabilities at colleges and universities along with numerous hacker challenges that plague these institutions across the United States.  More breaches may come to light if higher education institutions do not rethink their cyber security measures.

So you’ve been hacked… now what?

The other day I met with an executive whose company had recently been hacked. He looks me in the eye and says, “It’s like I paid someone to punch me in the face…Repeatedly!” Getting breached is a huge pain that costs a lot of money, productivity, time and your reputation can suffer as well. The […]