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Types Of Common Malware Attacks

Malware remains a massive security problem, costing companies billions each year to manage, mitigate and remediate. While the term itself is straightforward — malware refers to any software designed to cause harm on a system or device — there are a host of malware types and techniques used by attackers to circumvent defenses and compromise […]

Skimming the Surface of Information Theft in 2020

Social distancing may have limited our physical interactions, but it also increased our electronic activities. So many of our daily pursuits are now done electronically – and some users for the first time. Although we have to disclose so much of our personal data online, cyber security is often an afterthought to the average consumer.

Incident Response — The Changing Face of Malware

When someone says “you have malware”, what do you think of? Do you remember the “old days” when a virus was simply an annoyance, blue screening Windows machines, slowing your machine speed, or popping up false firewall advertisements?  Unfortunately, those “old days” are long gone. Malware has changed drastically in recent years.