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Skimming the Surface of Information Theft in 2020

Social distancing may have limited our physical interactions, but it also increased our electronic activities. So many of our daily pursuits are now done electronically – and some users for the first time. Although we have to disclose so much of our personal data online, cyber security is often an afterthought to the average consumer.

Why You Need to Take an Active Role in Your AWS Cloud Environment – One of the Largest Data Breaches

CLOUD ENVIRONMENT: The Capital One incident is one of the largest data breaches of all time, involving 100 million credit card applications and 140,000 Social Security numbers;  the bank’s stock market price took an immediate hit as company executives and IT personnel began scrambling to implement the firm’s incident response plan.

WIRED: Beware of Transfer Funds Requests Poster

Before you do a wire transfer, take a closer look. Hackers are harvesting your client data and using it to steal money. Strengthen your cyber awareness! CROSSED WIRE Hackers use client data to pose as account administrators. They request fake payments to have you wire money into their accounts. LIVE WIRE Electronic fund transfers are […]