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Why Breaches of Web-Facing Assets are on the Increase

Think of a hacker as an enemy attack submarine.  In warfare, a submarine lurks underwater, seeking victims.  It may be probing the defenses of a shipping harbor to find weaknesses that can be exploited.  Hackers perform a similar strategy today as they probe the web for internet-facing assets to find easy targets to breach and […]


  CREATE A REALLY STRONG PASSWORD: A PEN TESTER’S PERSPECTIVE. Attackers have figured out how to crack even what you and I think are the toughest passwords.  HALOCK pen testers almost always find passwords as a weak spot in every investigation. With so much at stake, it’s a wonder why password safety still isn’t being […]

Understanding and Fixing the Heartbleed Vulnerability

  Now that you know that Heartbleed is potentially exposing your secure systems to malicious hackers, you need to know what to do about it. Not only does that mean you need to secure your systems (even the ones you don’t yet know use Open SSL), but you also need to be able to understand […]

PHEATS OF PHISHING – Will you be prepared when it happens to you?

Author: Todd Becker, PCI QSA, ISO 27001 Auditor Phishing is by no means a new topic in today’s news. But the increasing complexity and targeted nature of attacks have evolved to a level of sophistication that is even phooling knowledgeable members of the IT community. The end result could just be embarrassing, but it could also […]

Password Facts & Tips for Secure Online Presences – HALOCK

Understand the importance of password safety. Every time Americans tune into the Nightly News and hear about the latest cyber attack, it sends millions of us to our computers to check and change our passwords.  That’s because while most of us know we should use a unique username and password combination for each and every […]