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Defining Reasonable Safeguards in Healthcare

The American Health Lawyers Association (AHLA) Webinar on Reasonable Security: Thought Leader Perspectives Webinar – Adopting Duty of Care Risk Analysis to Drive Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Learn best practices in establishing reasonable security safeguards.

COMPLIANCE WEEK Webinar: The Questions a Judge Will Ask You After a Data Breach – What is Reasonable Security?

What is Reasonable Security? If you are breached and your case goes to litigation, you will likely be asked to demonstrate “due care” and that your controls were “reasonable.” Many are surprised to learn that a breach by itself does not constitute negligence in most cases. But judges will ask a set of questions that […]

What are my legal obligations when it comes to cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a major concern for all organizations today that utilize digital technology, but one of the initial questions for any organization must be, “What are my legal obligations when it comes to cybersecurity?”

CRAIN’S Cybersecurity Roundtable – Reasonable Security

Four Chicago-area cybersecurity experts shared their thoughts with Crain’s  on the ever-changing landscape, including what organizations can do to keep their workplaces, employees and customers safe with reasonable security strategies. Read the discussion.