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Sedona Conference Just Leveled the Playing Field with Reasonable Security

To the corporate CISO cybersecurity breaches are a one-two punch. The first punch is, of course, the attack or mistake that caused the breach. Nobody wants to be caught unprepared, or to be the cause of harm to anyone who may be exposed by a breach. The second punch, so say the statistics, is the […]

The Limits of Cybersecurity Benchmarking

Quick: Where do you go to find the cost-per-record of a data breach? Reports from the Ponemon Institute? The annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report? How about the NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study? These are all credible and popular sources for breach cost benchmarking, but they give drastically different answers to the question.

2021 Cyber Trends

While large-scale transitions to our business environments changed in 2020 due to the COVID outbreak and implementation of remote work strategies, we are still forecasting how to create an adaptable security plan for the near future. Many are probably more than ready to move on to 2021 as quickly as possible, while hoping for a […]