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Popular Cyber Attacks: Why Due Care is so Important for Reasonable Security

Popular Cyber Attacks and Due Care for Reasonable Security.  As children, we enjoyed reading the many fairytales that began with, “Once upon a time.”  As adults in the workplace, we regrettably read the stories of so many recent cyber attacks that start with, “Someone opened a phishing email.”


Over years of penetration testing, HALOCK has seen some enduring security vulnerabilities. They are so common, in fact, that we have come to expect to see them in the field. Many information security breaches occur because authentication vulnerabilities permit unauthorized access to applications, systems and data. If you were to follow these tips, our penetration […]

Network Penetration Testing: What’s the Ideal Frequency to Conduct Pen Tests?

Some companies test once a year.  Some test several times a year.  So what frequency is correct for your organization?  Well that all depends on how frequently your environment changes and other unique factors affecting your organization. When determining how often to conduct network penetration tests, consider the following: