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We Just Gave Away Our Cyber Security Intellectual Property. It was the right thing to do.

Why a Chicago-Based Cyber Security Firm Just Released its Prized IP. By Chris Cronin, ISO 27001 Auditor, Partner


By Chris Cronin, ISO 27001 Auditor, PartnerThe ever-increasing demands from laws and regulations to protect personal information comes with confusion about what exactly our protection responsibilities are. One source of that confusion is in the use of the terms “privacy” and “security.” While “privacy” and “security” are both common terms used in laws, regulations, and security […]

How to Quickly Respond to Computer Intrusions – HALOCK

By Todd Hacke The moment you realize you are experiencing a network-based breach, you may not know what to do. Minute one, hour one, day one, what should a technical team do to respond to a breach while it’s still in play? While having a full incident response plan, a trained response team, and well-placed […]