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M&A: The Cyber Risk of Business

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is profound – every business has been touched, forcing many to explore how their organizations adapt to the new economy. Some industries have bigger challenges due to the nature of their business – travel and lodging, restaurants, transportation, oil and gas and more due to social distancing ordinances.

Security awareness training is more important than ever.

Can’t state it often enough – Cyber security awareness training is more important than ever.  Many of the incidents we respond to are caused by malware being downloaded by users.  Once it’s in your network, it’s only going to propagate.  It’s like a bad roach infestation.

Security Awareness training is required by PCI DSS

I often write about security awareness training, but it bears repeating periodically.  Cyber security awareness training is required by some standards – the PCI DSS is pretty specific about requiring it.  Security awareness training for the general employee population on at least an annual basis is a good idea.  More technical training for IT or […]

Cyber Security Awareness Training – It’s the smart thing to do!

Cyber Security Awareness Training – There is plenty of technology that can be applied in all manner of ways to help protect against a breach, but if the employee culture doesn’t embrace being mindful of security, it makes the CISO’s job a little harder.