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How Do You Manage Your Sensitive Data?

Do you know where all your valuable information resides in your organization? Do you know what valuable information resides in your organization? Not having a current data inventory can be devastating. Consider what could happen:

Why Sensitive Data Scanning is so Important Today

Organizations have a lot of data; more than we realize, and it continues to grow. Each day, we create and store all this data in our systems then pack it up and save it somewhere – just to put it away, even temporarily… until it is needed. The challenge is how to easily manage, categorize, […]

3rd Party Providers

3rd Party Providers. Remember when the big car companies in Detroit went through their quality measures and certifications, then began requiring all their 1st tier vendors to undergo the same quality certifications?  This later trickled down to the multiple tiers of vendors that supported the 1st tier vendors.  It was (is) called QS 9000.

Security Implications of Leveraging Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is rapidly evolving into a service model that has the potential to save money and create efficiencies for organizations large and small.  This new model can help achieve significant cost savings, reduce IT complexity, and increase flexibility in adapting to a changing business environment.

Who is safeguarding your customers’ sensitive data?

Who is safeguarding your customers’ sensitive data? I’ve been reading with wonder, as I’m sure many of you have, about the seemingly endless parade of breaches for companies small & large. Increasingly, it isn’t the company reporting the breach that is the cause of the issue; rather it has been partners or service providers to […]

Data Classification

Data Classification – Determining what constitutes “sensitive data” is usually not a difficult thing for most people.  For me personally, it would be my social security #, my account information – banking, credit card information.  And, sadly as the years go by, my birthdate is getting to be more sensitive…