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Crisis Management

Beyond the Security Incident: Can You Respond to a Security Crisis?

Security Incidents come in a variety of forms and can have variable impact on your organization. While the effect of some security events is minimal, others can explode into a very impactful security crisis.

A security incident becomes a crisis when one or more of the follow factors are at play:

  • When lives are in eminent danger
  • When shareholder value is at risk
  • When the public image is at risk
  • When the organization’s reason for existence is threatened or impacted greatly
  • When espionage or state sponsored targeted actions are suspected causes for situation
  • When Intellectual Property (IP) or Personally Identifiable Information (PII) may have been inappropriately extricated

HALOCK’s Crisis Management services help organizations manage executive communication, prioritize actions, and contain major security incidents quickly and with minimal impact. Our senior Crisis Managers can assist you in handling even the most challenging security events—giving you guidance and assurance when you need it most.

If you are currently experiencing a security event, please call HALOCK’s Emergency Incident Response Hotline at 800.925.0559.

Otherwise, to learn more about HALOCK’s Crisis Management services and programs please contact HALOCK today.