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IT security doesn’t just “happen.” While many companies recognize the need for improved security posture in the face of rising security threats and evolving malware tactics, corporate networks are naturally built on the concept of functionality. Users must be able to accomplish critical tasks with minimal disruption. As a result, security tools and services are often fragmented when companies attempt to retroactively limit cyberattack risk. An alternative is software security engineering — purpose-built defenses that augment, complement or replace existing security infrastructure. Here’s how HALOCK can help.

What Is Security Engineering?

Security engineering aims to reduce total IT risk by implementing security controls and processes that address needs across your network, rather than attempting to retroactively deal with threats as they appear. At HALOCK, we’ve developed a purpose-driven approach designed to find a balance between limited security budgets and critical security needs. It starts with assessment. Our security engineering consultants examine current network security services to determine where your IT infrastructure is prepared to meet emerging challenges and where it requires improvement. Next, we create a plan. Working with best-in-class security providers, we offer vendor-agnostic solutions to help boost current defenses or replace existing architecture. The goal of our cyber engineering services is to unify your security posture by deploying solutions that actively mitigate threats, improve system recovery and significantly reduce total risk.

Security Engineering, Evolved

Information security engineering is now critical to limit fragmentation and boost IT resiliency — but it’s not enough in isolation. HALOCK’s purpose-driven security merges line-of-business needs with InfoSec requirements to offer key benefits, including:

  • Lowered Costs — Unified, purpose-built security architecture ensures compliance and visibility across your network, in turn reducing the number — and therefore cost — of security incidents.
  • Enhanced Efficacy — Software security engineering provides critical knowledge about potential weak spots in your network, allowing our teams to build solutions that prioritize network efficacy without compromising security.
  • Improved Understanding — Learn more about your network with sensitive data scanning, comprehensive tools, resources, reports and dashboards to improve security response and empower IT decision-making, such as Sensitive Data Scanning to manage and locate sensitive information.


Security Engineering: From Perfect to Purposeful

“Perfect” security isn’t possible — complex networks and evolving threat landscapes frustrate any attempt at perfection. The alternative is purpose-driven design: security architecture built with your systems and business needs in mind, curated to meet mission-critical threats and significantly lower total risk as well as cyber insurance premiums. Protect your business with purpose-driven security engineering from HALOCK. When you’re ready, let’s connect.

Learn more about our comprehensive Risk Management Program to help prioritize your investments while balancing your security, compliance, and business obligations.

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