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Incident Response Services

Are You Prepared for an Information Security Incident?

There is no denying that cybercrime poses a real and growing threat to all organizations. Whether it is external system hacking, advanced malware, socially engineered employees, or any number of other malicious agents or tactics, the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your organization’s critical assets are, in some way, vulnerable to breach or compromise. Are you prepared to respond when a security incident occurs?

Proper handling of information systems and data during a security event is essential to preventing the spread of harmful malware, further loss of data, and increased legal liability. Your organization and staff must be aware, well trained, and diligent in following the appropriate Incident Response procedures to quickly and safely mitigate a security crisis.

HALOCK provides a comprehensive and discreet suite of Incident Readiness and Incident Response services. Our subject matter experts are experienced with all facets of Incident Response handling, detection of advanced malware, forensic examination, criminal investigations, and crisis management.
HALOCK’s early involvement in a security crisis can help your organization navigate the complexities of a security incident and minimize the impact to your business. Further, our security experts can assess your current Incident Response Readiness and help you prepare before a security event occurs.

If you would like to know more about HALOCK’s Incident Response Readiness and Incident Response services contact HALOCK today.