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ISO 27001 Certification

Is the “Gold Standard” of Information Security Right for My Organization?

ISO 27001 is the global gold standard for securing information. The Information Security Management System(ISMS) that ISO 27001 provides enables management to operate a secure organization.

Unlike a list of security controls that should be implemented (ISO 27002), ISO 27001 is a methodology for managing the risks to information assets by implementing measurable controls and improving those controls over time. Organizations can operate the ISMS within a specific scope of their business, or the entire enterprise.
HALOCK has helped multiple organizations attain ISO 27001 certification once their ISMS and risk management processes were fully mature.  Organizations that hold and maintain ISO 27001 certification demonstrate to their business clients, shareholders, and peers that they take information security very seriously, and find laws and regulations easier to comply with.

If you think ISO 27001 certification may be right for your organization, contact HALOCK today to learn about our ISO 27001 programs and services.