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HIPAA Risk Management

Once I Achieve HIPAA Compliance, How Does Risk Management keep me Compliant?

HIPAA compliance is not a point-in-time achievement, but rather a due diligence process that operates over time. To achieve ongoing due diligence, the process of monitoring and correcting security controls when they are ineffective at reducing risk, HIPAA Risk Management must be applied.

HALOCK can help you establish the processes for monitoring and addressing risks to PHI and the EMR. Using HIPAA Risk Management, you can ensure that risk owners are accomplishing their assigned tasks and provide easily maintained metrics for demonstrating that security and compliance investments are “reasonable and appropriate.” Based on ISO 27001 and NIST 800-30, HALOCK’s Risk Management methodology is practical and scalable—it is easily applied in most organizations regardless of size or complexity.

The benefits of HALOCK’s HIPAA Risk Management approach include:

  • Collaboration among senior management to focus on risks that matter to the organization and alerting management when risks increase to unacceptable levels.
  • Collaboration among audit, operations, and compliance functions to ensure that internal oversight is based on commonly defined “reasonable and appropriate” compliance and security goals.
  • Ensuring that risk assessments are addressed and updated on an ongoing basis rather than by conducting challenging annual assessments.
  • Driving management who own risks toward security and compliance behaviors using measurable targets.
  • Tying security and compliance performance to “reasonable and appropriate” metrics.
  • Demonstrating “due diligence” through a “Process Book” that organizes and records regular oversight by management.
  • Developing metrics for current-state and future-state risk treatment to chart progress over time.

To learn more about HALOCK’s Risk Management approach and how it can help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance, contact HALOCK today.