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Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training delivers a high return but often receives the least investment in a security management program.

Security awareness should be an integral part of your corporate security program. Though many businesses overlook the opportunity to tell their employees how to assist with protecting the corporate infrastructure, security awareness training is in reality the first line of defense your company has to protect its valuable corporate assets.

Most attacks exploit weak or stolen employee credentials. Your employees are the stewards of your critical data and information assets and, with the proper security awareness training, corporations can enlist the assistance of their employees to mitigate risks.

Benefits of a Security Awareness Training Program Include: 

  • Compliance – Many regulations and standards, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS 12.6), require a security awareness program in order to achieve compliance.
  • Executive Management Support – Creates a holistic security message throughout an organization and facilitates awareness and acceptance from all employees regarding your security policies and procedures.
  • Common Security Language – Defines security for all employees in terms that are relevant and appropriate for their roles, environment and corporate culture from operations, IT, human resources, and beyond.
  • Risk Management — Identification of vulnerabilities and treatment of risk minimizes exposure to threats and reduces liability.

Whether it is hosted eLearning coursework or a fully customized Security Awareness Program, HALOCK’s learning specialists can guide you to the solution that best fits your needs.

HALOCK’s offerings range from off-the-shelf computer-based training to comprehensive, custom programs that include enhanced multi-modal instruction techniques, business process improvement and cultural change management initiatives.

Contact HALOCK today to discuss which Security Awareness Training solutions may be appropriate for your organization.