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Sensitive Data Scanning

What is Sensitive Data Scanning?

Sensitive Data Scanning (SDS) Programs provide a solution to discover and manage sensitive data by continuously scanning, detecting, and remediating identified data classification policy violations. It’s an essential solution to meet compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA/CPRA, and it assures visibility and status of your critical data. Sensitive Data Scanning can also be provided as a Service (SDSaaS), which is a great option for organizations to outsource the management of these programs to skilled cybersecurity professionals.

HALOCK has partnered with Spirion to offer licensing, and the overall operation and maintenance of the Spirion solution for your business at an exclusive price point.

HALOCK Sensitive Data Scanning as a Service with Spirion Sensitive Data Platform

Spirion is an automated Sensitive Data Platform to help organizations comply with data privacy regulations, protect against data breaches, and defend business reputations. The SDS solution works with structured and unstructured data, on-premises and in the cloud. The solution has optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities for image files, and it has built-in capability to search for common search targets such as credit card #’s, Tax ID/SSN, PII, passwords, bank account information, PHI, among other items. Custom keyword and pattern searches are also supported.

The Spirion SDS solution can be managed by the organization’s team or HALOCK can be leveraged to provide configuration and management as a service, offering the organization:

  • Visibility into data wherever it lives.
  • Monitor and alert on violations respective to sensitive data.
  • Repeatable process that can be expanded across the enterprise and to acquisitions.
  • Data Classification and Tagging
  • Weekly reporting of data violations
  • Monthly solution tuning
  • Remediation of sensitive data identified.

Sensitive Data Reasonable Security

Why Choose HALOCK Sensitive Data Scanning as a Service?

HALOCK and Spirion have partnered to provide flexible options to utilize the SDS solution. Other than purchasing licensing for the solution, there are monthly use options available for one-time or short-term data scanning needs.

HALOCK can provide your team with ongoing data management using the Spirion solution. The HALOCK team is comprised of specialized consultants and engineers who understand security frameworks, risk management, and regulatory compliance requirements. We already have the skillsets to manage SDS successfully, as we have worked directly with hundreds of vendors and solutions.

If you have an existing retainer with HALOCK, your retainer can be utilized to obtain this service. Retainer Hours spare your organization from additional contracts, costs, and licensing fees. You’ll have access to HALOCK’s resources to enhance your Security Team and tailor your SDS services, at an exclusive price, to your unique business needs.

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