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Purpose Driven Security

Organized crime, state sponsored cyber teams, and hacktivists all have different aims, however, the one common theme that unites them is the unauthorized access and use of computer systems to fulfill their mission.  That mission varies but may include:

  • Stealing data (intellectual property, personally identifiable information, etc.)
  • Gaining control over computer resources
  • Spreading of infection (creating new botnets)
  • Proving a point to perceived enemies
  • Monitoring actions and decisions of organizations and nation states
  • Disrupting normal operations and serving as a catalyst of anarchy

There is no silver bullet to protect assets from these threats.  A paradigm shift is required to reduce risk to organizations.  HALOCK Security Labs has pioneered a new security model to meet these cyber threats.  At the foundation of this new model is a service philosophy called Purpose Driven Security® which helps define the right amount of security to protect critical assets; not too much not too little.  The philosophy can best be summarized as measured and preemptive risk management.

It is measured in that not all security controls should be implemented and only to a certain degree depending on the calculated risk being treated.  It is preemptive in that organizations have an obligation to perform proactive due care to reduce liability for shareholders, clients, partners, employees, and the greater good as appropriate. Together this dual emphasis enables organizations to utilize a limited security budget and maximize protection of critical information assets. 

Purpose Driven Security