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Chronology of HIPAA, HITECH & the Omnibus Rule – HALOCK

  Chronology of HIPAA, HITECH & the Omnibus Rule. By Chris Cronin, ISO 27001 Auditor, Partner HIPAA is a confusing regulation. Since its enactment on August 21, 1996, it has covered topics as diverse as insurance coverage of unemployed people, efficiency of health care administration, data security, and more recently the improvement of healthcare outcomes. HIPAA […]


HALOCK is deep in the regulatory compliance and security field, so we sometimes take for granted that words common to us, like “HIPAA,” are still not clearly understood. So let’s take a moment to lay out the basics of HIPAA. For deeper coverage into the HIPAA Security Rule, take the “master class” here.


Author: Chris Cronin, ISO 27001 Auditor The Third Circuit Court of Appeals announced on Monday, August 24, 2015 that the Federal Trade Commission is acting within its authority when it takes action against companies for poor data security practices. Take heed. You may be doing exactly what the FTC is complaining about.

While Technological Security Risks Are a Possibility, Management Security Risks are a Certainty

Most of my information security focus these past few years has concentrated on managing risks and governance, but this was not always the case. I came into this profession as a technologist and manager who focused on team building, turn-arounds and doing a lot with few resources. But as my career moved from technology operations […]