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The Limits of Cybersecurity Benchmarking

Quick: Where do you go to find the cost-per-record of a data breach? Reports from the Ponemon Institute? The annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report? How about the NetDiligence Cyber Claims Study? These are all credible and popular sources for breach cost benchmarking, but they give drastically different answers to the question.

What is Reasonable Cyber Security?

NetDiligence Cyber Risk Summit: What is Reasonable Cyber Security? The panel provided an overview of the risk-based analysis process that substantiates the method, and presented the legal, regulatory, and security best-practice history that informs the method. Each participant presented why the method successfully substantiates the term “reasonable” in their work and provided anecdotes that illustrate […]

NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit: Getting to Reasonable Security

HALOCK partner Chris Cronin will be moderating a NetDiligence® Cyber Risk Summit panel on reasonable security.  The panel includes industry experts on risk based analysis process and legal, regulatory and security best practices. Attend the event to learn how to best establish ‘duty of care’ for cybersecurity.