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By Erik Leach
2016 has proven to be a banner year for Ransomware.  The year kicked off with a series of ransomware attacks on a trio of hospitals including the well-publicized incident at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center which forced its IT staff to shut down the network while coerced administration officials agreed to pay a … Read More »

Proven Ways to Combat Ransomware »

Ransomware stole a lot of headlines in 2016 and rightfully so. Every type of organization was afflicted by its intrusion this past year, even healthcare. With revenues of over $18 million dollars in 2015, it’s a safe bet that Ransomware isn’t going anywhere in 2017. That’s because it is highly profitable and … Read More »

All Done with Shellshock? Get Ready for the Next One. »

Why read another article on the Shellshock bug when there have been a number of well-written articles and blog posts on it? Because almost all of the articles and blogs are talking about the bug itself, how it can be exploited, and how much of the Internet is open to it. However, what you … Read More »

How to Secure Your Assets from Cyber Sewage »

There I was, ankle deep in raw sewage, incredulous that for the second time this summer, my basement was filling up with foul smelling murky waste. As I looked hopelessly at my wife while the water level continued to rise, I angrily thought to myself, “What else can I do?” Didn’t I shell out … Read More »

“The Walking Dead” and Windows XP »

The IT world is preparing for one of its highest profile deaths on April 8th, 2014. Microsoft will be discontinuing security updates and technical support for Windows XP and its variants. Microsoft will not mourn, as their call to action is to migrate off of one of its most popular consumer operating systems in … Read More »