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Data Classification

Data Classification – Determining what constitutes “sensitive data” is usually not a difficult thing for most people.  For me personally, it would be my social security #, my account information – banking, credit card information.  And, sadly as the years go by, my birthdate is getting to be more sensitive…

Fun with Social Engineering

I recently wrote about Security Awareness Training, and mentioned that a well-trained staff and general employee population can be a good deterrent against Social Engineering practitioners.  Social Engineering is a service offering of Halock Security Labs, and it’s probably one of our team’s favorite exercises.  Social engineering is basically a test of the security awareness […]

Cyber Security Awareness Training – It’s the smart thing to do!

Cyber Security Awareness Training – There is plenty of technology that can be applied in all manner of ways to help protect against a breach, but if the employee culture doesn’t embrace being mindful of security, it makes the CISO’s job a little harder.

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