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Where to Begin?

Sometimes we’ll talk with clients and they feel like they don’t know where to begin in managing information security.  A great first step would be a Risk Assessment.  A risk assessment recommends treatment of discovered risks and then manages remediation of gaps in risk controls.

Governance of Enterprise Security

Governance of Enterprise Security. Just read a interesting survey finding.  The 2012 survey was done by Carnegie Mellon CyLab, sponsored by RSA.  They surveyed how boards and senior executives are governing the privacy and security of their organizations’ digital assets.  They used the Forbes Global 2000 list – respondents included:  CEO/Presidents (52%), Corporate Secretaries (15%) […]

Advanced Next Generation Malware

As many companies have already discovered, virus and malware infections are becoming more prevalent than ever regardless of the AV solutions in place.  Malware continues to grow as the greatest threat to intellectual property or network assets.  Most companies remain unaware of how widespread the problem is or even how much malware has propagated the […]

Network Security Engineering Services

One of the things that makes HALOCK a hybrid services firm is our unique practice groups, plus we bring to the table skill sets ranging from governance and strategy, PCI QSA knowledge, assessments and compliance, security solutions, and very seasoned network security engineering services.

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